Property Insurance Claims

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Insurance companies frequently deny, delay, or underpay Homeowner’s property insurance claims. Further, some Homeowner desist from pursuing their claims because of the run around given by the insurance companies, while others do not even attempt to collect on the damage of property just to avoid the frustration and time commitments that an insurance claim entails. ALN Law is here to assist you by defending your rights and obtaining maximum just compensation for your property insurance claim.

Many Homeowner are unaware that they have both rights and duties pursuant to their insurance policy. A Homeowner’s failure to meet his or her duties under the insurance policy may have adverse effects and may even defeat his or her right to receiving payment for a covered loss. Most insurance policies require Homeowners to make necessary repairs pursuant to a loss suffered at the property. Further, Homeowners are generally required to promptly notify their insurance companies and to keep records of the repairs. However, most Homeowners are unaware of these and other duties.

ALN Attorneys have previously worked for insurance companies and understand the ins and outs of contesting Homeowners’ claims. ALN Law is now focused on representing Homeowners and getting them just compensation for their claims. ALN Law works closely with many professionals that commonly deal with property insurance claims including Public Adjusters, General Contractors, Engineers, Expert Tradesmen and others to assist you.

ALN Law assists Homeowners when their property suffers damages including or related to water leaks, storm damage, fires, vandalism, theft and others.

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