Foreclosure Defense, Short Sales and Loan Modifications

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The most recent widespread economic crisis combined with the frenzy of mortgage loans issued by lenders continues to threaten homeowners across America. Florida in particular has been greatly impacted due to the weak job market and the high fluctuation of home values. ALN Law is here to assist you and your family during this difficult time.

If you are currently in foreclosure or if there is high probability that you will be unable to make your mortgage payments, please allow ALN to provide you the competent legal representation you need to tackle this situation. The experienced attorneys at ALN Law will explore multiple alternatives for you specific conditions and create a personalized foreclosure defense plan to pursue your objectives.

Below is a brief description of the options available to you. If you don’t act quickly in defensing your foreclosure case, the lender may promptly obtain a default or summary judgment against you. DON’T DELAY. FLORIDA LAW ESTABLISHES THAT YOU ONLY HAVE TWENTY (20) DAYS TO RESPOND TO THE COMPLAINT.

(i) Foreclosure Defense

At ALN Law, we develop a strategic action plan to defend your rights in a foreclosure action filed against you. ALN Attorneys will look into the facts to strengthen your case and attack the weaknesses of the lender’s case. Further, our attorneys will explore other alternatives such as Short Sales and Loan Modifications.

(ii) Short Sale

A Short Sale is a negotiated agreement between a defaulting Homeowner (Borrower) and the Lender. Pursuant to a Short Sale, the Homeowner (Borrower) sells the property for a price less than the outstanding mortgage debt. In exchange the lender agrees to dismiss the foreclosure action and, most of the time, to forgive the remaining amount of the debt.

(iii) Loan Modification

ALN Law will present the need to modify your loan to your lender so that the current terms of the mortgage loan are modified and improved in accordance with your ability to repay the mortgage loan. Loan modifications may be considered when the property is worth less than the amount owed, when the loan is in default, when the Homeowner has suffered hardships or when the Homeowner is in foreclosure. Usually, a successful loan modification allows for one or several of the following: a reduction in the interest rate, a reduction of the principal amount of the loan, a reduction in penalties and fees, an extended loan term, or other improvement on your loan terms.

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