Other Real Estate Matters

Constantly challenging ourselves to deliver more to our clients

Atorneys at ALN Law understand that their clients need many more legal services related to their endeavors as homeowners, investors, property managers, landlords, tenants, public adjusters and realtors. As such, ALN provides a wide range of real property related services which include the following.

Removing a tenant who stopped paying rent or breached the lease agreement otherwise requires a legal process that includes filing a lawsuit in the county where the property is located. ALN Attorneys routinely handle eviction cases and have tenants removed from their clients’ properties. Although ALN strives to have breaching tenants removed within 30 days, this process may take longer if the tenant actively contests the eviction or has valid defenses.

Commercial Leases
Attorneys at ALN Law have drafted, reviewed and negotiated many commercial lease agreements. All of our clients have benefitted from our services by obtaining more favorable terms and clearer understanding of their often complicated lease agreements.

Business Formations
Business Entities provide entrepreneurs with liability protection of their personal assets. The business entity chosen for your venture will have implications related to taxes, governance and the structure of your business. ALN routinely assists its clients with the creation of business entities for liability protection. However, it should be noted that ALN does not provide tax advice.

Contract Law
ALN Attorneys have significant experience in drafting, revising, and negotiating many types of commercial and real property related contracts. Further, ALN Attorneys has worked on numerous contractual disputes and are able to assist you in enforcing a contract or defending your disputes.

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